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Jordan in Figures is a dialogue and debate program that aims to educate and train youth to practice economic leadership and decision-making to discover their voice and inform direct action that shapes the development of Jordan.

The initiative promotes a data-driven mindset, emphasizing the importance of research and statistics in times of false news and social media algorithms. This program allows youth to communicate their opinions effectively and to contribute to policy reform.


Jordan in figures program is an initiative by the United Nations Development Programme and Jordan Economic Forum. It's a series of data-driven debates that brings together the development community (policy-makers, media, civil society organizations, and youth) in an open dialogue about key development priorities and challenges in Jordan when reflecting in retrospect on 2020 and the next decade of action in the countdown to 2030. There will be two rounds targeting a total of 40 youth. Two separate rounds instead of 1 will allow us to give each group their focus and extensive training. Each round will have a theme.

We will select participants at the beginning of each round as many youth's situations can change drastically within months, and ones that could have participated might have their situation change in a few months. This will allow us to train youth from multiple governorates in Jordan properly through a series of thematic and issue-based training workshops to enhance their communications skills and their knowledge on pressing issues within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In parallel with the training program, youth will have the chance to join the audience in a series of dialogues that invites two development practitioners to deconstruct development narratives on Jordan's economy and assess where the country is heading.

Interpersonal Development

Participants will have the chance to develop excellent critical thinking, active listening, teamwork, public speaking savvy, and non-variable communication skills

Economic Leadership

Participants will get the opportunity to learn about economics and sustainable development topics facilitated by experienced instructors.

Data-Born Insight

Participants will develop effective tools for data analysis, research organization, and presentation

Real-World Experience and tournament/round prizes

Three winners from each round will get access to internships along with Certificates of Participation and tournament/round prizes.

Qualifier round

Applicants who are interested in joining Jordan in figures can apply by filling the online application.
Participants who meet the criteria will be recruited by one of our team members to review eligibility and discuss the next steps.

Training Bootcamp

Shortlisted candidates will participate in a training Bootcamp facilitated by economic experts, communications professionals, development practitioners, and experienced debate instructors to introduce youth to the fundamentals of debate, data analysis, statistics literacy and enhance youth's knowledge of economic development topics. These training sessions are designed to prepare and qualify youth to participate in the competition.

Jordan in figures debates

Jordan in figures debates will be broadcasted in partnership with local TV and through the social media platforms of the UNDP Jordan and Jordan Economic Forum. 20 participants will demonstrate their skills to debate on key development topics in Jordan in front of their peers and topical experts.

White papers publication

In order to deliver the youth’s point of view, and contribute to the government's adoption of these destinations, we will train candidates to write white papers after each debate. This will give the youth the freedom to express their opinion in many formats and styles while continuously developing new skills. A final draft will be submitted and published after one week of each debate, allowing youth to ask questions and get insights from experts and decision-makers.

In 41 minutes segments, two topical experts will formally discuss 20 numbers related to pressing economic issues. The curious and passionate audience of youth will have the chance to debate experts in a thoughtfully crafted argument based on data and topic-related analysis. A panel of judges from policy-makers and experts will vote on the winning debater

Each debater will be evaluated based on:

- Organization & Clarity
- Use of Argument
- Use of cross-examination and rebuttal
- Presentation Style
- Accuracy and richness of questions asked: At the end

first training day

Second Training Day

Third training Day

First Day Of the training
The first day was held at Jordan Economic Forum Headquarter on 12/6/2021 where Mr. Abbad Al Akram gave a lecture about JEF Indicators and word economic indicator and its role in evaluate Jordan economic situation
Furthermore , Ms Mariam Oudat gave a lecture about Data and how to extract Data from its official sources

Second Day Of the training
The Second day was held at Jordan Economic Forum Headquarter on 13/6/2021 where Mr. Mohammad Sl Zawahreh gave a lecture about Debates its concepts ,models and forms And How to build arguments

Third Day Of the training
The third day was held at Jordan Economic Forum Headquarter on 26/6/2021 where Mr. Mothammad Al Zawahreh gave a lecture about Debates its concepts ,models and forms And How to build arguments
Furthermore Ms Tala Arabiat gave a lecture about women economic participation and women with depts

Forth Day Of the training
The forth day was held at United Nation Development Program Headquarter on 27/6/2021 where ms Ms Dana Melhas give lecture about Accelerator Lab and Sustainable Development Goals
Furthermore Ms Yasmine Koja gave a lecture about Arab Development Portal

Fifth Day Of the training
The fifth day was held at Jordan Economic Forum Headquarter on 10/7/2021 where Ms Lynn Malkawi Gave a lecture about How to be a successful depater and give some outline for writing policy papers
Furthermore Mr Ra'ed Al Tell gave a lecture about public finance and Jordan's public debt

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