Internship Program

We at JEF believe in young and fresh graduates in spite of the continuous decline and weakness in the outcomes of Jordanian education, but we believe in our social role towards youth by training them and teaching them the basics of work and what qualifies them to enter the labor market. 
The internship program includes:
– Involving them within the projects of JEF, such as (JEF Indicators, DBR, UP and Running Program, JEF Podcast, etc).
– Train them, and the training includes the following: (Economics 101, How to write proposals, white papers, and emails, Software workshops (MS Project advanced) + Power PI, introduction to Data Science, Data Analysis and visualization, How to define problems, and investment management).

Internship Program 2022

The training program was reactivated in September  2022, when three of the best candidates were selected to participate in the training program, after conducting many interviews and reviewing CVs, to measure their desire and love for learning and gaining knowledge, in addition to several other characteristics.
  • The trainees participate in writing forum papers and studies, where they learn through this experience how to write policy papers and the basics of searching for and analyzing data and extracting information.
  • The trainees participate in attending the activities of the forum and the economic salons, as this helps them to learn about many economic issues facing Jordan and the latest developments in them from the best sources from the various guests and members of the forum and many leaders in the field of economy
  • The trainees participate in organizing the projects launched by the forum to learn how to manage time, manage projects, the basics of communication and other skills needed by the Jordanian labor market.
  • The trainees participate in making educational designs and videos that the forum publishes on social media to educate the local community about the Jordanian economic situation.
  • Trainees participate in attending meetings and conferences in which the Forum participates, and attend economic events to which the Forum is invited.

Internship Program 2020

2020 is the year we launched our internship program for the first time. After submitting an online application, reading the CVs and motivational letters thoroughly, and interviewing the candidates, we finally chose the best four interns who will benefit the forum and will get a remarkable experience!
  • They had done a research about Jordan’s situation in global indicators including: Doing Business report, Human Development index, Economic freedom index, Global Innovation index, Energy Transition report, Corruption Perception index, Global Competitiveness report, and Global Gender gap.
  • They reflected the amended data (from 2014 to 2020) to the amended dashboard quarterly, checked the entire equations and formulas, and finalized the database in JEF Indicators (in english and arabic) and finally, wrote its methodology 
  • They analyzed and visualized the data through Power BI.
  • They wrote a proposal to donor institutions that includes budgets, timeline, description, and reports.
  • They enhanced our website.
  • They found the correlation between our economic indicators and the Sustainable Development Goals and National Vision 2025.