Internship Program

Despite the ongoing technical gap between the products of the Jordanian education system and labor demands, we at JEF are committed to providing a sound environment to train university graduates on economic matters to qualify them to enter the labor market on a strong footing.

In 2020, JEF launched its internship program, which involved online promotion of the program, careful evaluation of submitted CVs and motivational letters, and a rigorous interview process to select the most promising candidates.

This initiative was subsequently re-launched in September 2022, again featuring a meticulous selection process involving comprehensive interviews and CV assessments, culminating in the appointment of three exceptional individuals eager to advance their knowledge and skills.

Most recently, in July 2023, JEF introduced an enhanced program designed to assist four outstanding graduates in their transition to the professional world, aiding them in securing employment through JEF’s training certificate.

Internships usually entail training newly-graduates on, or providing them with the following:-

  • Behavioral, personal, and technical interview questions.


  • Research and analysis techniques and methodology (theoretical).


  • Preparing and writing papers and studies on an array of economic matters (applied).


  • Attending economic dialogue sessions to interact with JEF members and subject matter experts to get enlightened about economic developments. The trainees also attend economic-related events to which the Forum is invited.


  • Contributing to interactions with donor institutions and participation in drafting proposals and situational reports, including debating budgets and timelines.


  • Administrative work skills (coordination, follow-up tasks, official circulars, preparing for seminars, documentation and archiving).


  • Participating in the posting of educational reports and videos on social networking sites.


  • Time management, project management, and communication skills.


  • MS Excel.