Membership Program

JEF aims to have a broad base of representatives from both houses of parliament, as well as former senior government officials and private sector leaders, as its members, all united by their belief in the potential of what their country has to offer and tackling economic challenges, most importantly unemployment.

Together, the members form an intellectual economic platform that continuously monitors key financial, monetary, and economic competitiveness indicators in all sectors to provide decision-makers with feedback and practical solutions and thus contribute to rendering the national economy flexible and attractive for investment, as well as stimulate business startups, which in turn assures comprehensive and sustainable growth that profits society and addresses economic challenges, the most important of which are poverty and unemployment.

  • Economic Dialogues

Referred to as “Dialogues” [Al-Salon al-Iqtisadi] in Arabic, these are sessions during which JEF members interact directly with guest speakers who are usually senior-ranking members of the government and private sector representatives, both representing a wide range of sectors that have a direct or even indirect impact on the Jordanian economy, with the aim of influencing micro- and macro-economic activities, the most important of which is job creation.

  • Book Club

Those are ad hoc meetings, during which relevant books and articles are discussed to see whether or not the ideas they provide or their suggested recommendations could be employed in any of the economic sectors in Jordan. In addition, members of this club are provided with the chance to interact with JEF affiliates to benefit from their treasure trove of expertise

  • Access to Projects

JEF members are provided with the chance to participate in conceptualizing, drafting, updating, and executing many types of the forum’s projects, such as insight papers, studies, indicators, podcasts, etc., and provide their insightful experience and opinions


  • Access to Facility

JEF members are provided with free entry to the facility, where they could utilize meeting rooms, free Wi-Fi Internet, a library, screens and projectors, and a sound system. The Forum also offers to rent conference rooms for business meetings on working days.