Membership Program

The membership will target a broad base of members of both houses of parliament, former senior government officials, leaders in the private sector, united by their belief in the potentials of their country. 

They will form an intellectual economic platform that continuously monitors the most prominent financial, monetary and competitive indicators and developments of the Jordanian economy in all its sectors, to provide decision makers with feedback and practical solutions, contributing to the development of the national economy to be flexible, attractive for investment and stimulating business startup to reach comprehensive and sustainable growth reflected on the citizen and society and addresses current economic challenges, most important of which are the problems of poverty and unemployment.

The membership will conduct various activities and advantages:

  • الصالون الاقتصادي

The members will discuss various topics related to the performance of the Jordanian economy locally and globally, and obtain objective studies related to priority economic issues assisted by the databases and the cumulative knowledge available at the forum.


  • Book Group

A book group is going to be held every two weeks, discussing the book’s suggestions, the ability to employ the solutions, and the possibility of proposing priority ideas and topics related to economic affairs and directing or participating in the studies conducted by the forum. 

It provides the ability to communicate with other members of the Forum and benefit from their experiences in some areas.


  • Access to JEF projects

The members will cooperate in JEF projects such as (JEF indicators, podcasts,…) and they will be a valuable part of these projects by giving their insightful experience and opinions.


  • Access to the facility

The forum provides free entry to the HQ, designated to receive members taking the advantage of the services and use of the 3 available meeting rooms at the Forum HQ.

such as the sitting area, the Internet, the paper and electronic library, screen, projector, sound system and other services. 

The Forum also offers the possibility to rent the conference room available in the Forum to hold business meetings on working days.