Our Vision

To reach a robust and resilient national economy benefiting citizens and society.

Our Mission

A pioneering national forum that monitors economic performance effectively and cooperates with all partners to provide practical recommendations and feedback to the competent authorities for a positive impact in making economic policies that achieve sustainable inclusive growth with a positive impact on the citizens’ well-being and promotes stability.

Our Core Values

  • Contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the Jordanian economy: through preparing comprehensive economic monitoring reports and studies on anticipating economic, financial, industrial, technological, knowledge-based, environmental, and global transformations and translating them into the Jordanian reality and supporting their implementation in harmony with economic policies.

  • Sustainable Development: Through conducting workshops and courses specialized in all parts of the kingdom to increase awareness of sustainable development and prepare related reports.

  • Maximizing Awareness: Through holding conferences, seminars, and events addressing economic affairs aligned with the forum’s objectives, to enhance dialogue frameworks and communicate their results and recommendations to decision-making bodies.

  • Expertise House: Through conducting continuous studies and research about the Jordanian economic reality and ways to improve its growth, efficiency, and competitiveness, and presenting these initiatives’ results and recommendations to decision-making bodies, positively impacting the citizen’s income and reducing poverty and unemployment.